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Deep Purple Kush

Deep Purple x Reserva Privada OG 18

Deep Purple Kush is an indica dominant strain that flowers in 50-56 days and yields up to 600g/m2. Perfect for growing indoors or outdoors with medium height, with thick leaves. Does very well FIM or topped and perfect for SCRoG or SOG. Deep Purple Kush gives off grape soda, fruity scent for all those fruity strain lovers. When in cool temperature she gives off a purple hue which gives her great bag appeal. She has rock hard buds and shines like a diamond, no doubt she will be on your list of favorite strain. Deep Purple Kush is fast hitting, claiming, relaxing, and enjoyable high. Reports from clients that she helps alot with pain.

G31 Kush

G13 x Reserva Privada OG 18

The G31 Kush is a medium height, indica dominant strain that has a long lasting high with a strong fruity smell. Even the taste is a little bit sweet and fruity with potency of up to 3 hours! G31 Kush gives you a very relaxing, head and body high. When the flowering period starts, the G31 Kush leaves no time wasted and starts to flower quickly. With the yield of 450-600g/m2 the G31 Kush fills in real quick making it qualifying as a heavy yielder. Light green, dense nugs, rich in THC, and finishing in 56 - 64 days - no doubts it’s one of the best choice for any grower. She does well topped or FIM. From the feedback we’re getting this G31 Kush also helps with sleep.

PK Ultra

Deep Purple Kush x G31 Kush

We crossed our favorite Deep Purple Kush with our G31 Kush, giving the PK Ultra huge thick buds. By using our G31 Kush, we're able to give the PK Ultra a bigger yield then our Deep Purple Kush with the same denseness. With this cross you can expect more of the OG 18 taste. She's an indica dominant with a 55 to 63 days flowering period and yields up to 600g/m2. If you love the Deep Purple Kush and G31 Kush, then the PK Ultra is the perfect strain for you. The best of two worlds!

Purple Bubba Kush

Deep Purple Kush x Bubba Kush

We crossed our Deep Purple Kush with everyone’s all-time favorite Bubba Kush. With a little longer flowering period then the Deep Purple Kush, the Purple Bubba Kush is certainly worth the wait. Purple Bubba Kush has a bit of "Fruity Diesel" taste to it with a pleasant and social high. Purple Bubba Kush is a medium height plant and flowers in 54 to 60 days with dense chunky buds. Near the end of the season Purple Bubba Kush starts to show its beautiful purple hue, giving it one of the best bag appeal. Purple Bubba Kush took on our Deep Purple Kush’s short flowering period, thick Indica leaves that is bigger than your hand with branches so close to each other it is the perfect strain for SCRoG or LST.

Purple Penny

Deep Purple Kush x Pennywise

Purple Penny is a medium yielder that has produces arrow head buds covered in snow. Being an indica dom. it keeps there height from short to medium with minimum stretch. Best to top or FIM. She has a funky fruit smell. By crossing Pennywise with our Deep Purple Kush, we we're able to raise our CBD level without losing much of the THC.

Purple Orange Kush

Deep Purple Kush x Agent Orange

Purple Orange Kush is a medium height plant that loves to be FIM/Topped and then LST. In cool temps she will have a lovely purple hue. She produces heavy dense buds that may require some care and gives off a scent that's unique - citrus grape with a hint of orange, fruity. Her flowering period is 60 to 62 days.

Purple Widow

Deep Purple Kush x White Widow

An unknown White Widow cross, crossed with our Deep Purple Kush. The Purple Widow stays from short to medium height and is recommended that she be topped/fimmed due to the tight nodes. With tight dense nugs covered in sugar, there is no reason not to grow her. She gives off a fruity, earthy smell and does very well indoors or outdoors.



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Chocolate Water Drop (Gluten Free)

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medical benefits from provision seeds.

medical benefits from provision medibles.

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