Grow Like A Pro Competition 2015

Provision's Grow Like A Pro Competition


Sponsors and prize list:

Green Gator Filter - Carbon Filter
Green Planet Nutrients - (5) Medi Kit and (5) Take It & Grow Kit
Powerbox - 1000w Digital Ballast (adjustable) ( only Provision band seeds can win this prize )
Gorilla Grow Tent - Gorilla Grow Tent ( only Provision band seeds can win this prize )
Method Seven - Method Seven Glasses
Pacific Northwest Garden Supply - TBA

Welcome to the first ever Provision's Grow Like A Pro Competition! Lets go over some details so we can get growing and win those few prizes! All our sponsors above are hand chosen because we all have one thing in common. We want to give back to the community that has supported us.

Rules: last edit on March 30 2015

Competition : March 28, 2015 (You can start anytime) - TBA (when outdoor season ends)
Competition open to: All type of growers
Strains allowed: Any Seeds Brand

1. Must show proof of strain, proof can be any of the following: original packaging or verified by Provision via forums (@provisionseeds) or email us with your order id of your purchase.

2. Mandatory update within 14 days from the last update with photos (2 days of grace period). Your first post should contain some details/information regarding your grow (seeds, lighting, etc), and a picture your seeds. You can use more then 1 strain (you must inform us what strains you are using). If you get disqualified for not posting the updates, it does not mean your completely out. You can start over but the plants before cannot be used in the competition.

3. Each participant will submit one (1) pre trim/harvest picture. (no alterations, digital touching, photoshopping, etc)

4. Provision and/or Sponsors will vote the winners.

5. Must be a forum member. No multiple accounts

6. Any cheating or failure to comply to the above rules will result that person being disqualified.

7. We understand that in competitions, some like to make fun of others. Thats fine but we have 0 tolerance for racist-ism.

8. Be respectful of our sponsors and forum rules.

9. Post your updates here

Optional: optional but encouraged. Updates of training and other growing techniques that showcase the affects of said technique with before and after photos Provision has the rights to amend these rules at any point for any reason

You can find all of our official announcements and the participant list here.

Powerbox - Sponsor

Powerbox This is the best ballast we have used up to date, and we're loving it more everyday! Powerbox has given us a chance to give one of these babys out to that lucky winner! Check out there website at

Green Planet Nutrients - Sponsor

Green Planet Nutrients is giving us a bunch of nutrient kits to give away! We use Green Planet Nutrients in our facilities and we love it. Great people, great product. Check out there website at